Traumatic Brain Injury & Severe Chronic Pain

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The Flomenhaft Law Firm, PLLC appreciates the recognition of Michael Flomenhaft’s work on chronic pain and neuroscience by Law and Technology Professionals (LLRX) Web Journal. His article on chronic pain and the brain: “Emerging Imaging Science of Chronic Pain: Objectifying the Subjective,” submitted to the 2011 Second Circuit Judicial Conference: “The Legal Brain-scape: Neuroscience & the Law” is featured as a “Scholarly Article” in “Pain and the Administration of Justice,” written by Ken Strutin. Mr. Strutin surveys legal scholarship and medical research regarding pain and its role in the administration of civil and criminal justice. This article also cites the March 2, 2015 Scientific American article “Pain Cases May Usher Brain Scans into the Courtroom,” in which Mr. Flomenhaft is quoted on the different standards between academic acceptance of scientific assertions and legal admissibility of such as evidence. “Personal Injury Lawyers Turn to Neuroscience to Back Claims of Chronic Pain,” ABA Journal, March 1, 2016 also discusses Michael Flomenhaft’s work on neuroscience and pain.